The world as we know it

The world as we know it is crashing right in front of our eyes. We are all isolated inside our walls longing to go out and catch it before it hits the ground but our feet are frozen, almost nailed.

Is this even real? Will we wake up and find ourselves back in our beautiful world of indiscriminate consumption? With our high walls that are our sunglasses against the glare of poverty & discrimination, our blue screens that we live inside, our gigantic fridges & our insatiable appetite for self gratification. We humans are masters at that aren’t we?

How did we get here? Was it when we divided our world into little boxes and spent the rest of the what seems like infinite years trying to destroy not only other boxes but many of the people in our box too. Racing against each other to see who could do it better and with more finality. Was it when everyone became an outsider, a competitor, an enemy?

Well we aren’t waiting any longer to be woken up, because guess what, we are actually very much awoken and this is it.

The crashing you hear is the sounds of the walls that you built coming down. The sound that tells you that this world is full of humans that are essentially the same. In the ways that matter, we are no different from one another. Our frailties, our bodies, our weaknesses and our strengths, our ability to love and hate is the same across families, nations, continents and across all of time.

The crashing is telling us it’s time now to leave the walls down. To let people in, to let ourselves out of the box we are in. To share resources, to share each other’s joy and more importantly each other’s pain, and finally to look inward and outward and realise that our very survival depends on the strength of our neighbour, and his on his neighbour.

This is the chain of survival that crosses oceans, rivers and deserts.

The enemy of this chain of survival was never and will never be that man who’s skin is another colour or the woman who prays to another god! How stupid is this species we belong to? An ignorant species that wasted centuries and sacrificed countless members of its tribe fighting an enemy that exists only in the mind! When the real enemy turned out to be a microscopic virus, which even though you can’t see is so much more real than those enemies you thought were hiding on the other side of the wall you created.

If only we had put all of the considerable resources of this stunning world that we were given, into recognising the real enemy, fighting that enemy and building walls against that enemy. If only we had worked on protecting, strengthening & empowering each and every member of the species so that they could stand tall and strong against that enemy.

If we had done that, the enemy would not have stood a chance. The enemy might or might not have come but our ability to fight it would have been considerably better if we put our resources into healthcare & education. Into strengthening our tribe of humans and not in tanks and guns & grenades that ultimately have only diminished our tribe.

The tragedy is that we were given warning after warning, in every part of the world, time and time again for years, lifetimes and centuries!

But did we heed it?

It seems to me that if you look at history carefully, these warnings seem to stick out in bold. The plagues, the flus, the viruses, the bacterias, repeatedly shouting alerts from different corners of this earth. Some from years just gone by, others from a century ago. But how quick we are at forgetting!

That’s another most marvellous fact about our species, our inability to learn from the past is almost as great as our ability to selectively forget. And forget we did.

Instead of using our past to shape our future, we focussed on what’s really important, which is kicking the hell out of each other. I must admit that we are incredibly good at that. And that is the biggest tragedy of all.

4 thoughts on “The world as we know it

  1. Every Sunday morning one new realisation dawns upon me. Thank you sagari Nayak for writing realities in such clear words. Our inability to learn from the past is almost as great as our ability to selectively forget… engraved into my brain.

  2. The line that hits the most and worries and saddens me the most is “how quick we are at forgetting”. Let’s hope this is one we don’t forget and one that we learn from. Love how you put the thoughts a lot of us are thinking into words.

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